Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections

Void properties can attract unwanted problems for owners, especially if they’re broken into and used as drug or squat dens; this in turn will undoubtedly lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Intruders are likely to cause as much destruction internally as possible; graffiti; structural build issues; flooding and even arson, therefore insurance companies now insist that property owners or lettings agents use adequate security protection or the consequences could be quite severe even  resulting in insurance underwriters not paying out on a claim for damages.

  • Manned Guarding Security – Temporary or Permanent on-site security protection
  • Mobile Security Patrols

We will also if necessary:

  • Provide meter readings
  • Report any breaches or leaks
  • Check for signs of pests and vermin
  • Report on any combustibles on site
  • Look for rubbish dumped on the premises
  • Check for signs of drug use and anti social behavior
  • Provide adequate visibility security warning signage
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